26 November 2021
Efferon CT treatment improves patients with severe SARS-CoV-2

The results of a pilot study of Efferon CT therapy in patients with severe Covid-19 were presented at the international congress ISICEM-2021 (Brussels) and published in a special issue of the Critical care journal (IF=9.097).

The study was conducted in May-July, 2020 at N.I. Pirogov City Clinical Hospital No. 1 (Moscow) under the supervision of Dr. M.A. Magomedov, Deputy Chief Physician for Anesthesiology and Resuscitation. The study protocol is available on the international platform clinicaltrials.gov.

A single-center prospective study included 42 patients, 13 of whom received extracorporeal therapy with Efferon CT followed by hemodiafiltration and 29 patients from the control group received standard therapy.

The hemoperfusion group included more severe patients requiring extracorporeal and respiratory support. Standard therapy didn’t include inhibitors of Il-6 and other anti-cytokine pharmaceuticals.

A sharp decrease in levels of interleukin-6, C-reactive protein, ferritin and SOFA score, was observed in hemoperfusion group. Efferon CT treatment yielded an increase in the oxygenation index and lung function.

“Anticytokine hemoperfusion with Efferon CT in patients at the aseptic stage of severe Covid-19 can be a safe method of cytokine storm control, which does not depress immunity and does not increase the risk of bacterial sepsis. The first study confirming this key point has been published,” says Ivan Bessonov, technical director and co-founder of Efferon JSC.