09 July 2021
Efferon attracts investments from Fix Ventures

Efferon raised 200 million rubles from Fix Ventures IT-entrepreneur Dmitry Eremeev. As part of the transaction, the company received an estimate of over 2 billion rubles.

Efferon project was founded by Ivan Bessonov and Alexei Morozov, graduates of the Faculty of Chemistry of Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2016. Single-use medical devices Efferon® LPS and Efferon® CT received permission for clinical application in Russia in 2019. Resuscitation doctors use Efferon devices as part of the complex therapy of sepsis, septic shock, and severe forms of coronavirus infection. Efferon efficacy is based on an original production technology of highly effective polymeric adsorbents for extracorporeal blood purification.

Efferon entered into an agreement on joint work in the Russian market with the biopharmaceutical company Nanolek in 2020. Efferon is a resident of Skolkovo and the Moscow State University Science Park.

Alexander Volchansky, General Director of AO Efferon:
“We managed to create a full-cycle production of a globally competitive product. Our focus is on the rapidly growing demand in the home market, export deliveries to Latin America, the European Union, the Middle East and China. Therefore, the immediate goal for 2021 is to scale up our production. In this regard, we welcome the emergence of a new partner, Fix Ventures.”

Ivan Bessonov, technical director and co-founder of JSC Efferon:
“The global competitiveness of products like ours is in the evidence behind their purpose. It can be composed of two components. On the one hand, these are clinical trials with a high level of evidence, like the LASSO multicenter randomized trial initiated by us. On the other hand, it is “real-world evidence” and conducting clinical trials in the format of “global registers”. We are confident that Fix Ventures competence in information technology and big data analysis will create new value here for us and our consumers. To stay ahead of a growing market, our company needs advanced technology, continuous investment in research and development. We plan to further increase investments in these areas, succesfuly Dmitry Eremeev and I turned out to be like-minded people in this matter.”

Dmitry Eremeev, founder of Fix Ventures and Bank 131:
“We are pleased to support a new Russian startup with a truly global product. Efferon’s team has created and continues to improve solutions that are already saving and will help save the lives of many more difficult patients. We believe in the excellent prospects of Efferon in the Russian and global markets. Fix Ventures intends to continue to technologically and financially support the company’s growth and its entry into new markets, and will continue to invest in other fast-growing Russian companies with global prospects.”

Oleg Movsesyan, Director of the Science Park of Moscow State University:
“I would like to congratulate our residents on a new round of investments – I am sure that the first “unicorn” represented by Efferon will soon appear in our ecosystem for the development of innovative companies. In a relatively short time, the company has gone from scientific development to a certified medical device that can successfully compete with the best world analogues. The Science Park assisted in the preparation and conduction of clinical trials of the devices in cooperation with the doctors of the Moscow State University Medical Center and a number of Moscow hospitals – first of all, Clinical Hospital №67 MHD named after L.A. Vorokhobova. We will be happy to use our competencies and contacts to successfully promote the company’s products to world markets.”

Vladimir Khristenko, President Nanolek: “It is important for us that the portfolio of Nanolek, which values its reputation and cooperation with the largest global pharmaceutical companies, includes Efferon adsorption columns. This is a completely domestic product with a solid evidence base, which is successfully used in the treatment of sepsis. Over the past year, Efferon has managed to quickly gain recognition from the leading resuscitators of Russia – it is used in the treatment of severe forms of coronavirus. We are confident in the increased demand for this product and are ready to actively support its development in the Russian market.”